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Lawn Mowing Service

 We recommend mowing grass longer during dry and hot weather, and shorter during cooler damp weather periods. This will help control root growth and moisture retention, maintaining a pleasing lush green lawn. We keep our blades sharp, and clean to help lawns recover quick and stay healthy. We also promote going bagless by using mulching mowers, leaving grass clippings on your lawn, a great source of nitrogen. We follow up with trimming around all edges mowers are unable to cut. Then use blowers to clear off walkways, patios and driveways of clippings. 

We suggest weekly or bi-weekly mowing service for best results! Scheduled services are, 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Thursday, and 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Friday. 

We welcome all none scheduled customers and we offer you the same quality services at our earliest convenience.

Spring Clean Up Packages

1.) Standard spring clean up package includes power raking, first mow & trim, blowout plant & rock beds, rake & bag leaves & debris, up to 100 feet of power edging.

2.) Premium spring clean up package includes everything in standard package plus core aeration.

Fall Clean Up Package

Our fall clean up package includes core aeration, final mow & trim, blowout plant & rock beds, rake & bag leaves & debris, overseeding.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

All our services are available to commercial business properties and custom tailored to your specific needs, from warehouses, strip malls, gas stations and more. We are fully Insured and all workers are WCB covered. We would be happy to bid on any work you have, and we are available for long or short term commitments, year round.

Limited Landscape Service

Installation of a variety of mulches and decorative rock, sod, soil, sand, clay and road crush.  As well as landscape fabric, edging and stakes. Contact Us today to discuss your project needs.