Grass Cutting

We mow your lawn 2 1/2 - 3 inches (6 - 8 cm) to encourage better root growth and moisture retention. We keep our blades sharp, and clean to help your lawn recover quick and stay healthy! We promote going bagless by using mulching mowers and leave your grass clippings on your lawn. Mulch clippings are a great source of slow-release nitrogen for your lawn and is better for the landfill. (We do bag if a customer requests, but at a small additional charge to cover bags.) We follow up with trimming around all edges mowers are unable to cut. Then we use blowers to clean off all walkways, patios and driveways of clippings. 

We recommend weekly or bi-weekly mowing service for best results! Scheduled services are Monday thru Thursday 9:am to 7:pm, and we use Friday and Saturday for rain delays to guarantee your weekly or bi-weekly services are not missed. 

We welcome all none scheduled lawn care customers and we offer you the same quality services at our earliest convenience.

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