Spring / Fall Clean Up

Spring Clean Up Packages

1.) Standard spring clean up package includes power raking, first mow & trim, blowout plant & rock beds, rake & bag leaves & debris, up to 100 feet of power edging.

2.) Premium spring clean up package includes everything in standard package plus core aeration.

Power Raking

Power raking is a service used to remove excessive thatch from your lawn. Thatch is an accumulation of organic debris such as dead leaves, grass stems and roots found between the soil and the living green part of your grass. Excessive watering, over fertilizing with nitrogen, and heavy pesticide use decreases the populations of soil organisms required to keep thatch levels down. When thatch is more than 1/2 inch (1 cm) it can prevent water, air and nutrients from getting to the lawn roots.

We offer this service either by itself or as part of a Spring Clean Up package.

Core Aeration

If the soil under your lawn is compacted, it will have an adverse effect on grass health as well as promote weed growth. Reduced soil porosity occurs when soil particles are forced closer together, restricting the normal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Core aeration allows a better flow of water, air and vital nutrients to the lawn roots by removing small plugs of soil. You know you need to aerate when…the ground is hard and compacted. Water does not penetrate well when you water. Growth is sparse and there is visible damage to the lawn from foot traffic

We offer this service in early spring, late summer and fall during cooler seasons, and as part of a Clean Up package.

Why Aerate Your Lawn Video

Power Edging

Power edging creates a truly manicured look to residential or commercial properties. Nothing finishes a lawn like a crisp edge between a sidewalk or driveway and the turf.

This service can be done anytime of season with any of our other services or alone. We charge by the linear foot (Note: Minimum charge applies), please contact us for a free quote.

Rake Leaves

We rake fallen leaves from lawns, blow out plant and rock beds then bag all debris. Our clean up packages include raking leaves & debris from lawns, blowing out beds, a mow and trim with one of the above services depending on season.

Raking leaves can be purchased by the hour or as part of a Clean Up package.


Is your lawn dull yellow and tired looking? Have you spent hours and money watering and fertilizing to make it look full and green with little results? Thinking of tearing it out and laying new sod? WAIT!!!

Overseeding can be a great way to save the time and money! By introducing new premium grass seed designed for our climate and proper lawn maintenance techniques, you can improve your lawn and make it the lawn you always wanted a full, healthy and darker green lawn.

We offer this service with our Fall Clean Up package.

Fall Clean Up Package

Our fall clean up package includes core aeration, final mow & trim, blowout plant & rock beds, rake & bag leaves & debris, overseeding.

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